Escort Agency Employment

Have you ever wondered how do you become employed as an Escort, or even work in a Melbourne Escort Agency? Or have you always wondered how people become employed in the Sex Industry? Have you also noticed, unlike many other professions, you never seem to see advertisements for positions available for Escort Agencies?

It is not because there is no demand for positions available within an Escort Agency, rather due to restrictions within Victorian Law. Despite the need for the following positions, it is currently illegal to advertise for the following:

  • Sex Workers (Escorts)
  • Touring Sex Workers (Escorts who are not from Victoria)
  • Drivers
  • Promotional Staff

Recent changes to the law have allowed licenced Melbourne Escort Agencies to advertise for management and reception positions. When a management and/or reception position becomes available, we will be sure to let you know.

It is both safe and legal to work in the Sex Industry for a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency like Male Escorts Melbourne.

Male Escorts Australia wide pride themselves on associating with Male Escorts Melbourne

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Please feel free to contact our Melbourne Escort Agency at anytime, via email or phone if you have any questions or queries about career opportunities within the Sex Industry. Our friendly receptionists will happily assist you in anyway they can.