Are you a businesswoman working in the corporate world and need a companion to accompany you to work functions? Have you ever considered hiring a Male Escort as your companion? High Class Male Escorts Melbourne is a niche Escort Agency that provides high class male companions to women just like yourself.  You don't need to fret or worry about the suitability of our companions; our men are educated, well spoken, well groomed and very friendly. No matter what the requirements are for your upcoming function or event, simply provide our reception team with the guidelines and we will provide you with a comprehensive list of companions that would suit.

Take a look at some of the responses received by some of our satisfied clients (please note, all names have been changed for privacy reasons):

Client Testimonials about their Male Escort Experience

“What an unforgettable night! Just to let you know that James treated me like a real Princess. What a joy to have him around. I will definitely hire him again.” Maggie

“You guys rock! The guy you send me was super courteous and a real gentleman. He even made me lunch and made the whole occasion super wonderful. I laughed a lot and found him to be super attentive and fun to be with.” Jacqueline

“I was truly worried about a work function I had to go to. Everyone else had a partner, except me. That was when I decided to give you guys a try and booked a Michael as my Escort. He turned out to be the perfect companion. I am so glad I made this decision, and will surely do so again.” Jodie

“Your guy turned heads in the restaurant that I went to. What a true gentleman, and how charming he was. The night turned out to be wonderful and I booked him for another occasion already.” Ellie

“Boy, was I at a loss when I recently had to attend a wedding. I took the risk of booking a male escort and was slightly worried that everyone in attendance would be able to tell. How wrong I was. The chap you send me played the part perfectly, and everyone commented how wonderful my new boyfriend is. One of the best weddings ever. Keep up the good work. Your guy is truly amazing.”

There is no doubt that every client above was somewhat nervous and apprehensive about their first experience booking a Male Escort. However our reception team was able to appease them of their concerns, and ensure them that the guy who was going to accompany them is a true professional and knows how to blend in. Our receptionists are available at anytime to answer your questions via email.

Why a Male Escort can be your perfect date

You might be a single woman, or your hubby is far too busy to tag along to one or the other business event. Why not consider hiring a male escort to be your date? What if you have to attend a fashion event where you are in desperate need to make a lasting impression on everyone in attendance? Your anxiousness may soon turn into excitement when you discover the quality of guys available to be your perfect date.

The kind of companionship services available to corporate women will certainly fill the void for an independent, yet successful businesswoman in need of a date. What comes to mind when you think of male escorts? You may recall the “American Gigolo” where Richard Gere played the main role. Surely, you do not want your aunt or anyone else for that matter to wonder about the new boyfriend in your life should you tag along a male friend from your office or anyone else for that matter. You also are in no way obliged to have sex with your Male Escort if you don't want to. You can stipulate purely companionship purposes, or if you prefer, leave that decision to be made later during your date. At all times, you are in control of the situation. Also, another major benefit of using the services of our male companions, is at the end of your date you will go your separate ways with absolutely no worry on your part that he is going to call or text you afterward. Further booking and rates information can be found here.

People who know you may wonder how you and the guy you are dating know each other. Do not worry about this as our Escorts know how to handle this situation very well. He will discus this very situation with you before your function or event. Or as in most cases, our receptionist will have already asked you this question. One of the benefits of our management team is we have been in this Industry for over 40 years. There is not a situation we haven't come across, or been able to handle effectively and professionally.

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