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High Class Melbourne Escort Agency

  • Professional, high class Melbourne Escort Agency
  • Specialise in providing quality male companions for females
  • Personalised high class Escort Service tailored to the needs of each client
  • Sexual and non sexual male companions available
  • Diverse variety of quality Male Escorts
  • Operate with privacy & discretion
  • Safety is paramount
  • Respond quickly to enquiries
  • Happy to answer any questions
  • Book with us in confidence

Male Escort Service

You know what you want, when you want it and how you want it. Sex is on your mind. The fundamental questions are: for how long and which Escort will suit your needs. We understand that every woman's needs are different. Our friendly receptionists will spend time with you to firstly understand your needs, and secondly, match you with one of our sexy male escorts.

You are in need of feeling loved and reminded what a romantic touch feels like. The art of providing a high class Male Escort Service extends well beyond activities that solely occur in the bedroom. We understand that not all clients are after a sexual service; rather they are seeking companionship in a man. Our friendly receptionists will spend time with you to firstly understand your needs, and secondly, match you with one of our handsome male escorts.

You are currently undecided whether you are looking solely for male companionship, or something more. Keeping your options open. You can't wait to set your eyes upon your sexy Male Escort. You will decide as your date progresses whether you want to take things further with him or not. We understand that for many reasons you may be undecided as to what you are looking for. You want the flexibility and freedom of making that decision as it comes. Our friendly receptionists will spend time with you to firstly understand your needs, and secondly, match you with one of our fine male escorts.

This is your first time making a booking with a sexy Male Escort. You are both eager and excited to make the first step in doing something you have always wanted to do - secure some time with a gorgeous male escort. However you are just not quite there yet. For some reason, you are not 100% sure you would like to commit to making an appointment. You feel a 20 minute coffee date would help you decide. Like many first-timer's, you may have concerns about compatibility, whether this is something you really want to do, or there may be other reasons as to why you are not 100% sure.

Brief FAQ Guide


Absolutely. Your secrets are kept safe with us. We do not kiss and tell. Ever. We do not share your details with external parties. We have the most up to data processes and procedures that protects the integrity of our data, and ultimately keeps you a secret.


Firstly, let us tell you that you're not alone. Not only do our first time clients tell us this, so do our regulars. Yes, that's right, our regulars still tell us that they have nervousness and excitement in anticipating their arrival. Please remember that our friendly reception team are available by phone and email to answer any of your questions at any time.


We certainly won't tell anyone, so unless you do, your little secret is safe. Firstly your details are kept safe with us. We do not disclose your details to external parties. You have the option of paying cash upon your Escort arriving; eliminating any potential paper trail. If you decide to pay electronically, no mention of sexual service will appear on your statement. You have the option of contacting us via email to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to speak on the phone, you can let us know when would be an appropriate time for you to talk. Furthermore, you can tell our receptionists whether you would like to be contacted via email, phone call or SMS. Our security personnel that chauffeur your Escort to meet you, drive discrete cars, and operate very discretely. None of your neighbours, colleagues, friends or similar will suspect anything is out of the ordinary.


Of course not. The choice is entirely yours. We specifically have a non sexual service option for our clients, and also a package that is designed to allow you to decide later on, without any pressure, whether or not you would like to become sexual with your sexy escort.


Thankfully, we have not encountered this problem. We have very stringent policies and procedures to ensure we minimise this to happen. Here's why: Firstly, our leading management team which is comprised of women, have over 30 years experience within the Adult Industry. Furthermore, they have over 50 years experience in delivering high end customer service across various industries. These women know what women want, and also know how to manage the male escorts who represent this high class Melbourne Escort Agency. Secondly, our receptionists who also have a very strong high end customer service background, have been extensively trained in the Escort Industry - specifically in Male Escorts for female clients. Either male or female receptionists will spend time with you, asking you many detailed questions about what you are looking for, to ensure you get a service that will not disappoint and certainly satisfy your needs. Thirdly, we do not lie or misrepresent the services we offer, or the Escorts who represent us. In the unlikely situation we cannot accommodate your needs, we will be honest and tell you so. We would rather regretfully decline your business, than provide you with something you do not want. Near enough is not good enough, nor should it be for you.